The time is now!

Hello beautiful women,

It’s been a long time coming but I am finally taking that leap to get this blog going. I’m excited and nervous but this is another step to my journey in life. For a long time as a mother I have put myself on the back burner but with all the changes that I have had to endure I won’t be doing that anymore. This blog is more spiritual for me a way to get my thoughts out with the hopes of reaching deeper inside to heal. I have no grand plans for this other than the hopes that some women will read this and be able to relate to my thoughts on the screen. So with all that being said allow me to introduce myself….my name is Imani (which means faith) something I am working hard to believe in; I have a tendency to second guess what I really want or why I might be feeling the way I do. I am 28 years young, a mother, a photographer, a grad student, a “home school teacher”. That’s just some of the many hats that I wear! Sometimes life gets overwhelming but this is my vent/release session. I hope you ladies will join me as I navigate through this thing called life (who knew we needed a manual for this shit)!

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